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The Melbourne Strategic Assessment (Environment Mitigation Levy) Act 2020 sets down a legislative framework for developers in our growth corridors.

It includes the MSA levy, which developers need to pay when construction or other works are undertaken in the MSA levy area. Take a look at the levy area on the MSA Levy Estimator.

Native bee pollinating a yellow Button Wrinklewort
Native bee pollinating a button wrinklewort

The levy funds are used to purchase, secure and protect important areas of habitat and protect our threatened native plant and animal species.

The Act also sets out how the levy funds are allocated and outlines requirements for regular reporting.

How the Act works

The Act sets down a framework helping developers and others to understand:

  • who needs to pay the levy
  • where the levy applies
  • what amount they need to pay
  • when they need to pay it.

MSA levy review

Every 5 years, the MSA levy amounts must be reviewed, as outlined in the Act. The aim is to make sure that collected funds are enough to cover the costs of conservation work, without imposing unnecessary charges on developers.

The Minister for Environment commenced the first review on 1 July 2023 and a final report is due for public release by 31 December 2024. The Act requires DEECA to consult publicly on a draft report for at least 90 days before the final report's release.

Information for developers

Find more information about the levy in the for developers section of this website.

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