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Conservation status

Australian Government status: critically endangered

Dry natural temperate grassland
Silky Blue Grass


There was a time when this diverse ecosystem covered much of the 22,000-square-kilometre Victorian Volcanic Plains through western and north-western Victoria. However, today less than 2% of the natural temperate grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic Plains remain.


  • weed invasion
  • over-growth of invasive grass
  • grazing and other agricultural uses.

Where are they found?

Filled with native herbs, grasses, wildflowers and a scattering of shrubs and trees, these unique grasslands are now confined to a few small remaining patches.

Many species that call these grasslands home face extinction, like the striped legless lizard, spiny rice-flower and matted flax-lily.

What we are doing

We are creating, restoring and managing the 15,000-hectare Western Grassland Reserve with our partners. We also protect these rare grasslands in many of our conservation areas.

Page last updated: 13/06/24