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Meet the spiny rice-flower

Scientific name: Pimelea spinescens

Close up of white rice flower plant
Spiny rice-flower

Conservation status

Australian Government status: critically endangered
Victorian Government status: critically endangered


With small, cream flowers and pale green, oval leaves, the spiny rice-flower grows up to around 30cm in height and lives for up to 100 years. Their roots stretch to 1.5m into the soil and insects pollinate the flowers.


  • isolated populations with small numbers of individuals
  • weed invasion
  • agricultural practices, such as fertilisers
  • altered fire regimes
  • habitat loss.

Where are they found?

Usually found in native temperate grasslands.

What we are doing

We are working to protect the spiny rice-flower in the Western Grassland Reserve and many of our conservation areas.

Page last updated: 24/01/24