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Protecting and removing native plants

In some areas, native plants might need to be removed and relocated before development begins. You can check if these requirements apply to your land by using the MSA Levy Estimator and selecting the 'MSA salvage and translocation' layer.

Our team will arrange to do this at no cost to the landowner, we just require access to the land. Please contact our Conservation team on msa.bioconservation@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Purple petals with yellow stems
Matted flax-lily

Which species?

Salvage or translocation may be required for the following species or ecosystems:

In addition to these, other threatened, rare or common plant species may be included. These plants are used in restoration programs for the Western Grassland Reserve, Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Protected Area and larger conservation areas.

Actions for landowners

Landowners can estimate their requirements online using the MSA Levy Estimator.

Page last updated: 25/01/24