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A range of reports are regularly produced to show how we’re tracking against conservation goals, such as population counts and weed levels. Some of these are done by independent organisations.

Reports provide valuable input to our adaptive management approach to conservation.

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Tracking our progress

Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability

Every two years, the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability produces a strategic audit report on the MSA program's conservation outcomes.

In 2023, the inaugural report was tabled in Parliament - take a look at the Strategic Audit of the Implementation of Melbourne Strategic Assessment Conservation Outcomes 2022. We are working with our partners and stakeholders to develop a plan to implement the recommendations.

Victorian Auditor General’s Office

In 2020, the Victorian Auditor General's Office (VAGO) released its report, Protecting critically endangered grasslands and made seven recommendations. We have accepted and completed all recommendations.

Reports by the MSA program

Since the program began, we have produced a number of reports, including our Ecological outcomes report - 2014 to 2020.

We no longer publish annual reports in downloadable PDF format. Please view our progress on this webpage. If you’d like a copy of one of our previous annual progress reports, please email msa.bioconservation@delwp.vic.gov.au. We can also provide accessible versions.

Page last updated: 13/02/24