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Meet the button wrinklewort

Scientific name: Rutidosis leptorhynchoides

A tufted, yellow single flower. The yellow flower heads consist of numerous tiny flowers clustered together.
Button wrinklewort

Conservation status

Australian Government status: endangered
Victorian Government status: endangered


The cutely-named button wrinklewort is a small native daisy, with bright yellow, button-like flowers which bloom in summer.

Once widespread south of the Great Dividing Range, it’s now only found in small areas in south-western Victoria and tiny patches around Melbourne.


  • invasive weeds
  • herbicide
  • genetic decline
  • altered fire regimes.

Where are they found?

The button wrinklewort prefers open woodlands and grasslands. It's only located in a handful of spots around Victoria, including in one of our conservation areas, Truganina Cemetery.

What we are doing

To help boost population numbers and genetic diversity, we’re working with La Trobe University’s Nangak Tamborree Wildlife Sanctuary to collect wild button wrinklewort seeds, which will be grown in a specialist nursery. The new plants will be reintroduced at several key sites, including Truganina Cemetery and St Albans railway station.

We are closely monitoring the existing population at Truganina Cemetery and securing a portion of the cemetery that has critical ecological values so that it will be protected forever.

This area will be surrounded by a local park and buffer areas that will protect the site from any threats. This will help us manage it without impacting surrounding areas and provide enough space for the button wrinklewort to flourish.

Page last updated: 13/02/24