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About the 12 Precincts

The 12 Precincts, also known as 12Ps, are administered under the MSA Program but are not located in the MSA levy area.

This means landowners don’t need to pay the MSA levy, but will have other specific biodiversity offset requirements.

Each precinct has its own framework to work out biodiversity offset requirements. These are usually found in the relevant Precinct Structure Plan

Native bee pollinating a spiny rice flower
Native bee pollinating a spiny rice-flower

Where are they?

The 12Ps are located in:

  1. Cardinia Road Employment Area
  2. Clyde North (excluding the western part now known as Pound Road)
  3. Craigieburn (R2)
  4. Cranbourne East
  5. Cranbourne North (Stage 2)
  6. Greenvale North (R1)
  7. Greenvale West (R3)
  8. Melton North
  9. Officer
  10. Taylors Hill West
  11. Toolern
  12. Truganina South

Visit the MSA Levy Estimator tool to see the 12Ps in more detail.

Biodiversity offset requirements

Please check the relevant Precinct Structure Plan and/or Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (and associated Conservation Management Plan). to determine whether native vegetation must be protected or can be removed.

1. Native vegetation that can be removed

Biodiversity offset requirements for native vegetation and scattered trees that are identified as “can/to be removed”  can be met under:

  • Victoria’s Native Vegetation Management: A Framework for Action through an Allocated Credit Extract(s), or
  • by paying biodiversity offset fees via the MSA program.

The current prices are:

  • $137,500.000 (incl GST) per native vegetation habitat hectare
  • $2,200 (incl GST) per scattered tree to be protected
  • $8,705.40 (incl GST) per hectare of Golden Sun Moth non-native habitat
  • $8,167.96 (incl GST) per hectare of Growling Grass Frog habitat.

2. Native vegetation that must be protected or retained

If you want to remove native vegetation identified as "to be protected/retained", you will need a planning permit. This is outlined in Clause 52.16 of the Victoria Planning Provisions and your local planning scheme, in accordance with the native vegetation removal regulations. For more information, please email DEECA’s Native Vegetation Removal Regulations team.

For more information

Please email msa.planning@delwp.vic.gov.au

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