The Victorian Government committed to preparing a Monitoring and Reporting Framework (MRF) for the MSA program to ensure compliance with the endorsed program and the conditions of the Commonwealth approvals.

The MRF provides the framework for monitoring and reporting on progress in achieving the program outputs and outcomes.

The MRF provides for an adaptive management approach to enable improvements to the implementation of the program to be made where necessary and to ensure the outputs and outcomes are achieved.

Monitoring and Reporting Framework (MRF) (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Monitoring and Reporting Framework (MRF) (DOCX, 2.4 MB)

You can view each of the following documents at the Publications page

MRF Technical Protocols for Program Outputs

Monitoring and Reporting Framework: Technical Protocols for Program Outputs outlines the Key Performance Indicators for measuring progress against program outputs and describes the monitoring protocols that will be used for the collection of data.

Download the protocol

Quality Assessment Metrics

Quality Assessment Metrics have been developed to determine the overall 'quality' of the vegetation communities by combining several measurable on-ground variables into a single value.

The Quality Assessment Metrics have been designed to help make sense of changes amongst the multiple Key Performance Indicators, as identified in the MRF, for each of the communities.

You can download these metrics at the Publications page.

Progress reports

Under the MRF, we will produce regular progress reports on the MSA program.

Reports on program outputs will be produced annually while reports on program outcomes will be produced every five years.

This reporting period has been chosen to allow for appropriate interpretation of the results and to account for natural changes to species populations and ecological communities associated with weather and climate or ecological characteristics.

You can download these reports at the Publications page.