The Monitoring and Reporting Framework (MRF) sets out requirements to ensure transparent reporting of the implementation of the MSA Program’s conservation activities, and their level of success.

These reports are a key part of keeping the public and the Commonwealth Government informed on the MSA Program’s progress, and a valuable input to the MSA Program’s adaptive management approach to conservation.

Under the MRF, DELWP produces two kinds of progress reports:

  • Each year, on the delivery of the MSA Program’s key outputs
  • Every five years, on the achievement of the MSA Program’s key outcomes

This reporting period allows for sufficient tracking of results and an interpretation of data in the context of natural changes to species populations and ecological communities associated with weather, climate and other ecological characteristics.

More information

For more information about the MSA program reporting, or to request an accessible version of the progress reports, please contact

Page last updated: 19/03/21