The Victorian Government has also committed to setting up a 1200ha Grassy Eucalypt Woodland reserve to protect this endangered native vegetation community. This will mitigate potential impacts of urban development on these woodlands in the growth corridors.

The Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve will cover an area of land outside the Urban Growth Boundary north of Melbourne, with the boundaries yet to be determined. The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy identifies a broad investigation area where the reserve may be located. Specific boundaries will be identified at a future point in the delivery of the MSA program.

A large proportion of the region’s remaining Grassy Eucalypt Woodland community – both inside and outside the urban growth boundary – is highly degraded. The MSA program will protect a significant amount of the remaining woodland and manage it to restore its former biodiversity value.

Land in the reserve will be secured through voluntary means, including voluntary negotiated purchase by the Crown or voluntary legal agreements (restrictive covenants) under section 69 of the Conservation Forests and Land Act 1987.

Page last updated: 17/02/20