Important habitat for the threatened Southern Brown Bandicoot exists in Melbourne’s south-east region. The MSA program is committed to ensuring that populations of Southern Brown Bandicoot are maintained and protected within and adjacent to the Urban Growth Boundary.

The MSA program is working to ensure that important land corridors are protected and appropriated vegetated to provide critical connectivity between existing populations and habitat areas. The strategy for delivering this aspect of the MSA program is set out in the Sub-regional Species Strategy for the Southern Brown Bandicoot

Sub-regional Species Strategy for SBB

Southern Brown Bandicoot – Implementation Plan

The department has prepared the Implementation Plan for the Southern Brown Bandicoot Sub-Regional Species Strategy to guide actions for achieving the conservation outcomes outlined in the Sub-Regional Species Strategy. This has been developed with significant input from stakeholders.

The Implementation Plan outlines five key directs to be undertaken by the DELWP to ensure the persistence of Southern Brown Bandicoot populations in Melbourne’s south east. These key directions include:

  1. Undertaking community engagement
  2. Create bandicoot friendly suburbs in Botanic Ridge and Devon Meadows
  3. Improve scientific understanding of the Southern Brown Bandicoot
  4. Create a habitat connectivity network
  5. Develop and implement a genetic rescue strategy

Implementation Plan

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