[Sound: Growling grass frog croaking]

[On-screen text: The growling grass frog is one of Victoria's largest frogs.]

[On-screen text: It's under threat from habitat loss, drought and a deadly fungal disease.]

[Sound: Music playing]

[On-screen text: That's why we're creating more than 80 purpose-built wetland habitats around Melbourne.]

[On-screen text: We just finished the first one.]

[On-screen text: It was a froggin' big job.]

[On-screen text: First, we removed 15,000 m3 of soil.]

[On-screen text: Then we added big rock piles to warm the water.... this keeps the frogs healthy.]

[On-screen text: Then we filled it up.]

[On-screen text: We stopped by for a look.]

[On-screen text: and (nearly) LEAPED for joy to hear...]

[Sound: Growling grass frog croaking]

[On-screen text: the distinctive call of the growling grass frog.]

[On-screen text: What do you think it sounds like?]

[On-screen text: A few weeks later, we spotted 15 young growling grass frogs in the shallows.]

[Sound: Music playing]

[On-screen text: We're so HOPPY our new residents have made themselves at home.]

[On-screen image: Victoria State Government logo]

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