The Melbourne Strategic Assessment (Environmental Mitigation Levy) Act 2020 imposes a levy to fund measures to mitigate impacts on biodiversity caused by the development of land in Melbourne's growth corridors. The liability to pay an MSA levy is triggered when a levy event occurs within the levy area. The only levy events are the:

  • issue of a Statement of Compliance for a plan of subdivision (i.e. subdivision of land),
  • application for a building permit,
  • approval of a work plan or variation of a work plan under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990,
  • construction of utility infrastructure on Crown land,
  • construction of a road on Crown land.

Further detail on the MSA Act are found here

MSA MapShare

The MSA MapShare is an interactive mapping tool for the MSA levy area. You can enter an address/SPI, click on a land parcel(s), or upload your own shapefiles for any area, to obtain a levy liability estimate. To download a report of the levy estimate, please ensure that you have enabled pop-ups on your preferred browser.

Levy prices from 1 July 2022 and 1 July 2023

The levy prices from 1 July 2022 and current levy prices from 1 July 2023 are listed below:

Levy type

Rate per hectare from
1 July 2022

Rate per hectare from
1 July 2023

Native Vegetation patch



Scattered tree (per tree)



Golden Sun Moth



Growling Grass Frog



Matted Flax-lily



Southern Brown Bandicoot



Spiny Rice-flower



The published levy price from 1 July 2022 for Southern Brown Bandicoot was incorrect between the dates of 24 March 2022 and 7 July 2022. The published levy price was corrected from $5,261 to $4,546.

Biodiversity offset requirements outside the levy area

MSA levies only apply to land within the MSA Act levy area

In precincts regulated under the MSA Program, but not included within the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy area, landowners can meet their obligations either through biodiversity offset fees or in accordance with the relevant Native Vegetation Precinct Plan.

If you are undertaking actions associated with urban development in one of the following precincts, please contact for more information:

  • Cardinia Road Employment Area
  • Clyde North (excluding the Western part now known as Pound Road)
  • Craigieburn (R2)
  • Cranbourne East
  • Cranbourne North (Stage 2)
  • Greenvale North (R1)
  • Greenvale West (R3)
  • Melton North
  • Officer
  • Taylors Hill West
  • Toolern
  • Truganina South

More information

For more information about habitat compensation obligations, please email

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