Landowners who undertake actions associated with urban development in the growth corridors must meet habitat compensation obligations through the payment of  fees to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP).

You can estimate your habitat compensation obligations using the Native Vegetation Information Management (NVIM) system.

We will use these fees to ensure the commitments to matters of national environmental significance and the habitat compensation requirements of the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy are met.

The fees are used to protect and manage conservation areas set up to balance any potential impacts of urban development in the growth corridors, including the Western Grassland Reserves and Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve, and to implement a range of conservation actions outside the growth corridors for the Southern Brown Bandicoot.

The cost of the fees to landowners will depend on the extent of native vegetation and the types and extent of habitat to be removed on a land parcel.

The fees will be based on the mapping of native vegetation and threatened species habitat completed for the time-stamping project, and conservation and threatened species habitat strategies, as well as information on scattered trees where required.

Landowners can apply to DELWP to meet their habitat compensation obligations in stages in those cases where land will be subdivided in stages, or through providing in-kind contributions in some circumstances.

We have developed a cost recovery model to determine the fees, in accordance with the Victorian Government's Cost Recovery Guidelines. 

We have also prepared a report to explain the habitat compensation requirements, outline the principles for cost recovery, identify the basis of the costs and describe the process to review the habitat compensation fees over time.. To view the the report, please visit our Documents page.

Fee types and prices

The types of fees that landowners must pay to meet their habitat compensation obligations will depend on the habitat types to be removed.

The fees apply to the removal of the following habitat types:

  • Native vegetation
  • Scattered trees
  • Growling Grass Frog habitat
  • Golden Sun Moth habitat
  • Spiny Rice-flower habitat
  • Matted Flax-lily habitat
  • Southern Brown Bandicoot habitat.

The current fee prices are:

Fee type
UnitPrice (inc GST)Price (ex GST)
Native VegetationPer hectare of native vegetation considered lost or removed$104,582.50$95,075
Scattered treePer tree considered lost or removed$14,539.80$13,218
Growling Grass FrogPer hectare of category 2 habitat considered lost or removed$8,281.90$7,529
Golden Sun MothPer hectare of habitat considered lost or removed$8,705.40$7,914
Spiny Rice-flowerPer hectare of habitat considered lost or removed$8,730.70$7,937
Matted Flax-lilyPer hectare habitat considered lost or removed$12,315.60$11,196
Southern Brown BandicootPer hectare of habitat considered lost or removed$4,416.50$4,015

Frequently asked questions

For general queries relating to habitat compensation obligations, please email: