Securing land for conservation

Persons undertaking urban development will be required to secure land in conservation areas through one of the following mechanisms:

  • A legal agreement (restrictive covenant) under section 69 of the Conservation Forests and Land Act 1987
  • Vesting of the land in a public authority
  • Voluntary negotiated purchase by the Crown
  • Acquisition by the Crown through a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO).

Land Protection under the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy identified criteria to provide the basis for prioritisation of land acquisition, outlines the mechanisms for the protection of land in conservation areas, and describes the process of land acquisition and the rights of landowners.

Boundary change amendments to conservation areas in growth corridors

The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS) has determined that the boundaries of each conservation area are final and will not be subject to future modification, except where potential changes are specifically identified.

There may also be some circumstances where adjustments to boundaries of conservation areas not specifically provided for in the BCS may be necessary.

We will use appropriate criteria to consider applications for proposed boundary changes. These criteria are identified in the Guidance note: Implementing the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for Melbourne's Growth Corridors.

The Changes to Conservation Areas under the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Fact Sheet outlines the boundary change conditions and Commonwealth approval requirements for all 36 conservation areas, and the process for advising stakeholders of boundary change proposals and approvals. To view the fact sheet, visit the Documents page.

From time to time, we may invite stakeholders to provide additional biodiversity information for consideration prior to the finalisation of a boundary change. Upon approval from the Commonwealth Department of the Environment, we will advise stakeholders of changes to conservation area boundaries. 

Once we are satisfied that the proposed boundary change meets the boundary change criteria for the conservation area, it will be provided to the Commonwealth Minister for the Department of Environment and Energy for approval.

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